April 26, 2015

Strings: my current summer afternoon vibe (chap 2)


My life lately consists of sleeping a lot and eating too much. Yes, after I went back from the beach last week, I haven't felt like studying and going back to normal. I'm still on beach-high!

Today, I feel sooooooo fat and ugly. I mean, really. And did you ever feel like you hate everyone? Because I do. Sometimes, I feel like I want to delete all my social media accounts Hahahahahaha. Anyway, I'm currently studying for my quiz tomorrow on Liabilities. I swear, I cannot keep up anymore. I just want to finish everything up and go to somewhere far.

Right now, all I want in life is to look for someone whom I can actually talk to about life and forget about people and everything around me. I want to get lost in a moment. I want to be free.


P.S. I'm currently listening to Imagine Dragon's Polaroid and it sounds so good.