Hello. Okay. So, how do I even start?

My name is, obviously, Patricia. Well, most people call me "Anna" in person but I like being addressed more as "Pat", "Trisha", "Patty" and such. I am a double degree holder in Accountancy at Ateneo de Naga University. Aside from my fascination with financial analysis and getting a CPA title, I also find myself interested with writing love letters. I’ve been writing (ranting) on blogger since 2011 and if you’ve been stalking me that long, I presume that you already know so much about me.

My younger self was greatly influenced by Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries. I love writing with utmost feelings. I’m not that good with grammar, but I’m certainly good at ironies, metaphors and sarcasm, eventually coming up with made-up love stories and plausible experiences. Yes, I have a dark colorful twisted mind. However, you’d find me like any normal girl in school, who is apparently fan-girling Alexa Chung and Carrie Bradshaw. I have a knack with romanticizing everything as well. As much as I love writing, I also take time to learn new things like photography, fashion sketching, music-mixing etc. I’m pretty much interested in a lot of bigger things, but people know me, in general, as someone who is talkative and loves eating chocolate cake and pizza.

Basically, this blog is the outlet for the “bigger things” in my life. I hope you enjoy the humour, drama and most especially, the in-betweens.

(Here goes) Love, Patricia ♥︎

You can contact me at parciaanna@yahoo.com