April 21, 2015

Short Trip: Caramoan Peninsula Part 1

Dear friend,

When I was younger, my mother loves to tell me allegories, and I have grown to love it even more as I get older. Just last week, I was arguing about perspectives with my cousin, how they differ from each other. You may see something I cannot, and realize something I couldn’t. Differing point of view. It happens to everyone and this is the reason why I am not wishing for “world peace” and instead, I am wishing for “universal empathy”. This, my dear friend, is how I wanted you to see my own allegory. Please, look beyond it. I am about to share to you how I met caramoan and the story she told me.

“95% of the earth's ocean aren’t yet discovered. Mermaids or Mermen, they may exist.

"The Merman Prince"

There was once a fisherman’s daughter who wanted to see the merman-prince for everyone says he has the answer to everything. This girl was raised poor with her 2 sisters and a brother, although her mother is a heiress to a beautiful land. Her mother chose to live with the fisherman. It was a happy home yet she questioned her mother’s marriage to his father, a lonely fisherman, the main reason why she wanted to look for the merman-prince. This girl, was named Cara. Oozing with free-spirit. However, her mother wanted her to become the best fisher like her father, she began to study fishing, even if she doesn’t love it. Her Brother and Sisters were also good farmers and fishers.

One day, she decided to run away on a journey to find the merman-prince, following the rainbow, she ended up on an island, where there were more beautiful girls, and she started feeling ugly and ashamed. When she told them about the quest to find the merman-prince, those beautiful girls laughed at her because of its impossibility. However, she knew in her heart he is real. So, she embarked on a journey again, and saw this island where there were full of the tallest lamps you could ever see, there were lights everywhere but wondered why it was still too dark to see, she met this boy who can unusually see in the dark, he began to ask her what she was looking for, of course she told her about the merman-prince, the boy chuckled and said, “you cannot find the merman-prince here for this is a very dark place. I am no prince, I am someone you want to forget”.

On the third island, she felt a little happy to see a girl her age living alone. They develop something more than a friendship and later on, Cara asked her where to find the merman-prince. At first, there was silence. But the girl spoke, “mermen-princes live on this island, you have to wait to be able to meet them”. So, she waited with this new found friend, later on, her friend suddenly disappeared without saying good bye and they never saw each other again, Cara stayed on the island for several years waiting to meet the merman-prince but no one came. One day, she discovered this little cave across the island, the land of crystals, she was surprised when she saw her own reflection wearing a golden crown on one of the chunky crystals. “How can this be? I can’t feel it above my head?”, cried Cara. She decided to go back home, carrying more questions while crying in regret. While on the way home, she met a boy of her age, he looks rugged and doesn’t look so well. He asked her why she was crying, she didn’t answer. The boy asked again, this time the girl replied, “I am a princess but I couldn’t find a prince. Are you the merman-prince?”. The boy answered, “I am not a prince, I am summer-love. You meet me when everything is falling apart, and unfortunately I am the only one you will see”.

The girl gave up looking for the merman-prince. She went straight back home. Her parents were extremely happy to see her again.  She told them about her adventure and how she saw her reflection wearing a crown. Her mother asked her whether she was still interested into finding the merman prince, and she replied nothing for she was already too tired. She met; vanity, fling, neglect and summer love. All of them made her tired. Then suddenly, her father confessed, “I am the merman-prince, Cara.”

My dear friend, what do you want to ask?


P.S. Caramoan's beauty is beyond words!!!!