February 14, 2017

Umaapaw - Ang Bandang Shirley

An open letter to my classmates

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been meaning to write a letter, or I guess I’ve been trying to. I have so much feels for the past few days, like my soul was held captive by the universe. But the words seem to slip away, and comes back during midnights when I am already free to cry. I will never apologize for being cheesy, what are feb 14s for?

I chose to write this letter to you not just because I wanted to inspire or tell you some shit about my life, but also because I want to help myself. I hope this will reach you – like arms stretching, able to hug you; Everything will be alright, bessy.

You are tired. I know, although I am always in denial, I am too. You are not alone. My soul is yearning for something that I couldn’t understand. I just wanted to put my life back together again – but I am already tired of trying and seeing it disjointed once more.