April 8, 2015

All kinds of grey for summer 2015

Dear summer,

I'm so happy you're finally here (well, not that you weren't always here in the Philippines), It just feels a lot like summer now. 

Anyway, before I talk about my summer plans. I will first show you (with utmost excitement) my Baccalaureate outfit last March 27. I never had a really good photo on that day because I was only with my mom and she had to sit at the parents' area and wasn't able to take a good photo, it was too early in the morning and we were running late thus we both look like zombies. So yes, I decided to have a separate photo shoot of my outfit (Hahahahaha! I have that confidence of a Fashion Bloggaaah). 

My outfit was of course sponsored by my parents (Lol!) as well as, the old accessories and pair of shoes. This wasn't exactly my look on the baccalaureate, I had half of my hair tied up and I wasn't wearing any sunnies. For blogging purposes, I just settled on having these things. 

As I've grown older, I started to love pieces that are too simple (too minimalistic to be exact). I still love those bright colored floral pieces which is very sweet-sixteen-anna, but not as strong as before anymore. I'm in love with neutrals, black, white and most especially, grey. I love being Hepburn with it. 

Summer is all about the brights, the showing off of skin and just being too fun with anything. Today, I decided to open summer with the color grey. It is not really a color to describe me, as I am only either a black or a white (or a yellow or a pink hahaha). I never considered grey in my life. All the more because it symbolizes loss, sadness and depression. Sometimes, I asked myself what if I had been a color grey instead of the brights, emotionless and dull? Grey is never a friend of summer. I am a non-conformist and so I chose grey not just because I'm a very pa-unique person but because it is the most misunderstood color, despite the fact that it embodies coolness and balance in life. 

I will be a friend of the color grey this summer. Because maybe, grey only needs a friend he can be at ease at (a color-loving girl), a friend who will understand him despite being dingy. Having said that, grey exemplifies sophistication against all moods. 

As a disclaimer: I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT CHRISTIAN GREY! (my goodness)

I decided to balance my life this summer. I enrolled for my second degree and had my first summer class this morning. I chose to go to school during the mornings and do leisure times on the afternoon. I am now excited going on the afternoon summer adventures!

1.) Go to at least 3 beaches
2.) Go on a road trip
3.) Read 5 novels
4.) Sleep a lot
5.) Pass my one and only summer class (Hahahaha! Crucial)

It's never a bad thing to be a grey person. With the right pop of color, grey can be a summer color too. I am a grey babe with red lips and electric blue block-heels. 

Do I look like a Fashion Blogger now? Lol. Kidding. I tried my best guys. 

Sunnies: Sunnies Studios "Bianca" (Hahaha remember my Christmas Wishlist?) | Watch: Casio | Dress: Dorothy Perkins | Shoes: Thrifted!!! -----------> I am feeling this area.

Patricia Grey (Oooops! I know what you're thinking and I am certainly not a fan!)

P.S. Hello, Ate Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie, did I give justice to Bicol fashion blogging? Lol you can reject me, it's fine. Hahahaha love you!