February 14, 2015

The Rainbows

When I try to get cynical about the contrasting issues of the society, I get a serious headache. (I am not kidding). And you still ask me, why I quit debate? Hahaha (The latter was a joke). I remember when I had myself introduced as a bisexual in the class, I can feel and hear my classmates' silent gasps and murmurs. You know what I've got? wild stares, really wild stares. But believe me, I am. I've always been attracted to girls. I'm an accidental homosexual - Predominantly homosexual but more than incidentally heterosexual, and I am proud of living it. However, it wasn't really easy to identify your sexuality when you are very young. I am not proud of it when I was in elementary, where there were rampant same-sex relationships at our school and it was "the cool thing", and I never wanted to be in that "cool thing". (Hahahaha to be honest, I've been trying to not be mainstream). I don't know, maybe my hormones are acting weird. I already fell in love with a lot girls in my lifetime (Obviously, because I came from an all-girls' school). I have a lot of friends who are bisexuals too and they are the best people you will ever meet. Why am I actually telling this? because I am pissed. (Yes! On a Valentine's Day!) 

When I was writing and searching about my report on homosexuality, I encountered words like "abomination", "immoral" "aberrant" "evil" and "unnatural", all of those describing a homosexual. I am of course, from my very sensitive nature, is hurt. I mean, I consider myself still in a moral direction, even though I am fond of dissing homilies. (Duhhh) I am not evil despite my sexual orientation. Why is there a need to discriminate these kinds of people? They are humans too. They have faith. They have a heart, a body and a soul. They, in my opinion, are actually the realest people in the world. Being able to choose your own sexuality is the simplest form of embracing what it's like to be human. Of course, my statement extends to the heterosexuals. I respect the beliefs and cultures of others. By all means, I am wishing they'd do the same with people who wanted to be out.

To the rainbows, just be who you want to be. Do what makes you more of a human and forget the fvcked up standards of the society. 

Happy Valentine's Day! (Hahaha The connection of this post is uhmmm wait, nothing)