July 17, 2014


I just finished reading a book (the advantage of not having electricity at home with nothing to do after a scary and odious typhoon). It inspired me to write something again, I’ve been too blank these past few days. I felt really dumb after some series of unfortunate events. (Which I won’t bother to dwell anymore, mistakes are mistakes, past is past. I can always begin again. Okay).

What I am about to write is what I was thinking while having my shower.

I am such a weird person.
Why am I such a weird person?

Lately, I’ve been having issues on my confiding-natured soul, like I hated that kind of soul in me. I try to be reserved as a person but every time I get into trouble or I get super in love with something (not just with someone Haha), I burst into a period of talks, group messages and enthusiastic babble. And, I regret it afterwards. I always regret things I share on strangers or friends (which I’m not even close with).

I’m just too scared to annoy you or someone else.

Please forgive my drama.

ANYWAY, how’s your clearing operation after the typhoon? Fine. Didn’t do much but the whole not-having-electricity-because-the-wirings-and-electric-posts-were-doomed thing is clearly an indication for me to go back to basics.

I got to sleep very early last night (10:45pm – is super early. To tell you), got to see the clear blue sky this early morning, got to read a book straight, got to talk to my Cat in full English Language (Hahahaha). I’ll be having my lunch after writing this and possibly do my homework now for my weekend classes.

Yours and truly bored,

P.S. I had to visit the nearest mcdonalds with available wifi and electricity just to publish this.