July 7, 2014

Before it's too late


At last I'm already done with Prelim exams. Ahhhhhhh I can now go back to my normal stressed life. I hope you surpassed prelims as well. Stay happy even if there are a lot of stressors around. I may even give you the best contagious laugh ever. I'm writing you this to tell you, I'm trying my best at school now. I wanted to get things right already before it's too late. Thank you for inspiring me to do better in school. Whoever "you'' are. 

I'm already falling in love with my course (LOL Okaaaaaay), mainly because there are too many inspiring people in it (including "You"). Everyone, I have a love life with so many people. Also, I wanted to apologise for my PMS-dramas (refer to my preceding post) -- Let's forget about it. 

Before it's too late; I just want to tell you, how happy and thankful I am to have met you. I might even have fallen in love with you (but of course hahahahaha I have a different version of what falling in love is, so don't take it literally). 

Study buddies and Bremmates, I love you. I'm a little crazy at times and a moody-leader as well and and and always talkative while studying. But, If you have a fight or if you need help, I'm willing to help and fight too, remember that I'm always open for help (but not as your helper HAHA it's a different case) even though I'm a little frail when it comes to rebuttals hahahaha sorrrrrrrry guys, really I'm going to be a bitch for yeeeh. Ooooops. Let's stay re"source"ful + Positive + Noisy at the Library (HAHAHA). 

This is actually a direct letter. Thank you for letting me stand up again. 

I'm certainly moving forward.

Love always,
Anna Patricia
a.k.a Snob Lover (WHAT????? -reference to next post lol)