December 17, 2013

21.) Have a Favorite Christmas Icon. (Post a Picture)

If you are wondering what my favorite Christmas icon is I can only answer you with "Fa la la la la la la la la". Do you now have an Idea? *Drum roll* It's none other than Boughs of Holly berries (Not Storm of X-men, she's a Halle Berry) To tell you honestly, at first I didn't know what to write here, "Huh? What Icon?" then I realized I need to write about something that reminds me so much of Christmas. I might have to say Paroles, Glistening Stars and Christmas lights but they are too overrated for me. So I thought of the one thing which people don't give too much attention to, but is always there. "Deck the halls with boughs of holly", a friend asked me what the song is about and I told her "I don't know what boughs of holly are" so I searched for them, then I was greatly surprised to find out that those were the same thing we have for years hanging on our main door every Christmas! Thus, whenever I see Holly Berries, I know it's Christmas time! Making them my favorite Christmas Icon.