December 15, 2013

20.) Your favorite Holiday movie and what about it

Edward Scissorhands!

It screams Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder all over AHHHHHHH

I'd probably say, Edward Scissorhands isn't just my favorite Holiday movie but also one of my most favorite movies. The one thing I really love about this movie is the message of acceptance within ourselves as to who we really are and that everyone deserves to be "loved". The movie told us that it's not good to judge others based on their appearance and in-capacities. Above all, it taught us that being different isn't always that bad or negative. Edward is someone who feels and follows his heart even if he knows he's just man-made, he was a victim of conformists but he didn't give up, instead he compensates it by doing what he loves which is "ice sculpting" and it was a very romantic way to tell the story of why snow fall on Christmas. <3 <3