November 28, 2013

2.) What do you look forward to this Christmas?

I am so much looking forward to so many things this December, I have a feeling that this will be one of the best Christmas Celebrations I'd have. I am so much looking forward to "Simbang-gabi", I always fancy the midnight air it brings. Just imagine, going out late at night on the way to church and upon walking, you'll see these colors sparkling at every rooftop while chatting with friends Ahhhhh. 

Of course, who will never be excited to make something for the Noche Buena? The cooking and preparing part is the best. Last year, I had to sponsor the cake =))))). Girls follow my motto; "Eat Now! Jog Later!" Hahaha. Can you already smell the roasted ham?  No! I think it's the fruit salad with lots of mini cheese cubes. OH my. 

Then who would not forget the carol fests and street carols, God! how they always bring back the child in me. I had my 11 years of basic education at an All Girl's School and every December we have this singing thing called "Carol Fests", it pissed me a lot when I was a little kid, you know being sometimes dressed as a bell, a santa, a reindeer, a nutcracker and what have you. Moreover, we had weeks and weeks of song practice. It means music class forevaaaah, after that you'd be performing live in a huge Auditorium filled with stage-moms. -__- I never got to realize its sense, not until I was singing the last Christmas song on my graduating year. I miss it so much. I never thought of looking forward to this until I realized it was over. Carol Fests bring so much memories every December. (oopsss no dramarama please)

I am also looking forward to Exchange Gifts and Mini-Parties. Yaaaay. I am now currently saving money and listing gifts to give for my love ones. :) 

I always look forward to these things every Christmas. But, as how Taylor Swift quote  it "Christmas must be something more. Something Holy, not Superficial". This year, I am looking forward to Real Happiness. I can't wait to play Christmas songs on repeat. Fa la la la la la la.