November 29, 2013

3.) List down the things you received Last Christmas

Last Christmas,

1.) I received half-dozen assorted Cupcakes from Best friend
2.) My sister got me a new pair of Keds sneaks.
3.) I received a pack of chocolates from cousins
4.) An ang-pao from Grandma
5.) iPad4 from Parents. (This was also a delayed debut gift lol)
6.) Monetary gifts from whoever they are. huhu I forgot (thank you, I immediately went to the nearest "ukayan" haha)
7.) Abundance of Katherines by John Green from my sister's lovedovey (yikes) hahahaha -___-

Hahahahaha It's kinda awkward, disclosing this to everyone. Hope I inspire you with these. AMEN.

Love, Anna
"Remember that most of the time the best gifts in life are immaterial"