March 23, 2013


Hello Summer. Kidding. What I meant was Hello summer classes :( 

Hahaha anyway, awhile ago I was reminiscing about highschool (har! nostalgic. always) I was looking at the latest graduation photos of everyone, upon looking at it I can't stop myself from remembering those moments when we had that moment as well (for those who already graduated). There are really times when you feel like going back to that same old moment again because the feeling is so strong that it makes you sigh. I always tell myself that in every finale, there'd be next season, next chapter, book two? (whatever. I'm so corny) but life won't stop for anybody, so we just keep on writing new stories. My real point is, I just want to tell everyone to go on, move even if you failed a thousand times (like me!), I still value my course which is in line with something I'm really not sure I'm in love with,  I just move on because everything in life is hard, you will cry, you will smoke, you will buy books and shoes to get you by but at the end of the day what matters most is your choices, and I choose this kind of life because I know that this is right. Then what now? Move on! Go Further! Choose what is right. 

Yours and forever will be writing to you (even if I'm fond of writing erroneously),
Anna the Tiger who was once a Dumbo, kidding I'm still dumbo the elephant. 

P.S. I'm hungry, the title speaks itself! Haha 
P.P.S. What iPad apps do you suggest for Photo Editing? Thanks so much. 

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