March 14, 2013


First of all I want to encourage students who are and will be taking their Final Exams, to stop reading my blog! Ha-ha-ha Anyway, just thought to blog before I start reading about shareholder's equity again for the 5th time now (Why am I soooo dumb in accounting? huhuhuhuhuhu) 

I am blogging to tell you that, I'm BUSY! really busy wiiiiiiiiiiiiiith these: 

Yes! You're right I'm dying! No, not the "Dying" as in you stopped breathing, What I mean is color dying!!!! It's fun dying =))))) I know you're now jealous with my Ombre shorts! Gully! So I decided to let you order them from me, with your own designs, just tell me your sizes, of course. Starting March 21, you can now place your orders, you can PM me on Facebook or DM me on Twitter or you can email me! Isn't it nice? I'm so excited for summer :">

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