February 12, 2013

Love Connection

Recently, I've read something from Teen Vogue about love connection hahaha no, no it's not what you think it is, What I mean with "love connection" is our connection with the things we love, Got ya! I guess you were already thinking about my Love Connection to 'Someone'. No, not that, I haven't found my Prince Charming yet. Hahahaha

So anyway, I have thought about sharing the things I'm having a certain connection with (Have you already felt it? Haha) and besides it's Valentine's Season guys (So much for ssss), don't be bitter (I don't know if there's really such a season, but whatever! Love is still in the air).

Here they are: (Imagine there's a heartbeat sound effect)

1.) Zara Studded Sandals

They are Fabulous! I want to date them, nowwwwwwwww!

2.) Asos Pearl Cat Ears

Charming, is it?

3.) Celine Mix Group Toe-Cap Shoes

I am currently lusting over Patricia Prieto's pairs of shoes, she have a lot of wearable nice pairs of shoes and one of which is this CMG shoes, I love shoes with toe-caps, my mom used to have those back then, they embody Manolo Blahnik (Droooool) 

4.) Topshop Bustier Lace Dress

I'll always love bustier dresses, it makes me FEEL sexy (I'm not Kidding guys, please give this moment to me!! hahahaha), No! No! I'm emphasizing the word 'Feel'.

5.) Forever21 Head-wraps

If you know me very well, I'm fond of wearing hairbands! I don't collect but hell I just accidentally have a lot, I think the reason is that you can just find them everywhere and with the cheapest price as well, so the tendency is to hoard hahahaha and now I can't leave without them. Slow Clap. + Forever21 is making them a lot prettier, hold me tight! 


6.) Dyed and Splattered Denim Shorts

I made this one: (Presenting! My very first dyed shorts, I hope to make more!)

I am also in love with Vanilla Breeze Clothing shorts! I got the inspiration from them

See? They are sooooo soooo awesome!

That's it! Do you now feel the Love girls? I told you, love is not just about having 'someone'. We can always have a little twist.

I hope you'll have a great Valentine's Day

Spread Love,

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