March 29, 2012

What a girl wants when she becomes a Lady!

All of us have our own little wishes whenever we turn to another chapter in our life, which is becoming a Lady or a Gentleman (But as for me I guess, it would still take me years to become one. I am still incapacitated to grow up. Lord whyyy), in this stage everyone have their plan sheets, yes! I've heard and saw some. It's quite interesting to share our wants in life.

But my little wish is very very very simple. When I grow up and be a full bloom lady! A LADY! (Audrey Hepburn-ish kind of way or the Chanel-ing type) I want to buy all the EXPENSIVE COSMETICS in the world, I know a working girl needs it so much that's impossible to not live without them. God forgive me. Though, I'm still not used in applying make up on, I do believe that it is not yet suitable for my age and girls out there should justifiably learn that it's still dangerous! Plus, It's prettier to see teens in their naturals, making them look more preppy and sweet. Yet, this isn't an excuse for us to look grubby, we also need to look neat of course! I call mine: Hygienic kit not a Make-up kit :) a Little of everything: a Powder, Brush, Comb, Lip Gloss, Cheek Tint, Hand Sanitizer and a Splash of Baby Cologne! 

One of the reasons why I wanted to buy all those cosmetics (specifically by Mary Kay's and Guerlain  ) is because; I want to display them all in my future walking closet. (Dream on, baby!) I just love the sight of them, all in a uniform arrangement. True, I am not intending to use them all, I just want to display them! Hahahaha so weird of me. Well maybe, Seeing cosmetics displayed in my closet will remind me of how far I've become as an empowered woman. I think it's something you could be cherishing, knowing that for once in your life you've been beautiful and young and free.

At the end of the day, after all my displays expires, there's only one true make-up we would surely venture forever: Our Smiles. It's worth more than just a luxury! 

I am so proud to have some of them! yes. I have Lip Smacker only not in watermelon, it's in strawberry and I have Skittles too, both orange and strawberry! Cuties right? and My next hit are the M&M's flavors. I wonder how they smell. :D

all photos from we heart it :)