March 21, 2012

PreFall 2012 by Monique Lhuillier

After seeing Monique's Collection for PreFall 2012 in the net, I was impressed, yes! really. (Although, Monique always impresses me) Anyway, All I wanted to say is; I want one of those designs. <3 

I love The Blends of Modern Classic with laces and the idea of Royal Colors is smart.
No. Enough being a-wanna-be. I just wanted to go back to prom night!!! or be invited to a cocktail party or better yet, a vanity party and wear something that's so Monique. Gosh!

Giving you a sneak peek of the Collection here they are:


Sharing: The Cut of my Prom Gown should be like this. But it was never followed by my never-mind designer. (I just wanna whiiinneee! I know it's bad to hate, but I really do hate my designer <///3) --- Enough of the past. It was so highschool and a lot I am enjoying college now :D

My most favorite Design in the Prefall 2012. Pretty Right?

<3 <3 <3

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