March 18, 2012

My Fun-filled plans for the summer

I know, it's kind of weird to show you my plans for summer, most especially because I haven't yet taken my two other exams (and I do know, my final exams results will be worse than ever) But anyway, I hope by sharing my plans to you, you can get an Idea what do this summer. (added mourning, I have summer classes </3)

Anyway, here it goes;

 First, I will watch the Complete Season 1 and 2 of Pretty Little Liars whole day. Hahahahaha even though I have already watched the first season. (I am just indeed in love with Spencer)

 I am going to nail down and read The Hunger Games trilogy again before watching the movie.

 I have to buy a whitening lotion. I call this summer: "The Regain of Color" Hahahahaha =)))) Since it's summer, The Tan invasion is really heating up, but I won't join the invasion. I miss being whitey. </3

 I will make many Detachable Collars. *(which reminds of my promise to Ate Danica about her collar. Gosh!)

 Plan for the making of an Accessory Line together with Lois and Alec. The Accessory line will be called "Sitting by the Ramp" (Watch out for this on May!)

 I will have a Bedroom makeover/ General Cleaning.

 I will have an internet-abstinence for a week. This is what I am going to do this coming first week of April. my sacrifice for the Lenten season. What are your sacrifices everyone? :)

 I will Bike till the end of the world. Kidding, my Dad promised me a pink bike this summer. (I HOPE HE DOESN'T BREAK PROMISES)

 I will watch Philippine Fashion week with Jaena, together with my sister. (This will be so much fun!)

Hi My Dearest Sister, Thank me for making you an EXTRA in my blog =))))))
 I will review my Accounting Partnership and Corporation this summer, with my Sister. (I need to understand everything first)

☑ Lots of Pizza Movie Marathons.

 I am not Going to swim. (Which is really hard for me to resist, since I have swim training. I hate to have a Dad as a coach. God)

 Have a Temporary Feet Tattoo. (Oh Love!)

 Go out with the T.G.I.F girls and fulfill our Friday Nights mission. Yipeee! (No smoking please.)

 Read a lot of classics. My lists are:

-To Kill a Mocking Bird
-Tale of Two Cities
-The Diaries of Helen Keller
-Anna Karenina

 Earn Lots of Money.

 Study in Business Communication, Business Etiquette, Statistics and Filipino (These are the subjects I am going to take for summer) :)

 Lastly, I am going to sleep for 9 hours a day. Haha we all need enough sleep. (Hopefully)

So Let's put out our shades guys and
Hang on for another fun-filled summer!!!

All Photos are from we heart it.