March 21, 2012

What is really art for you?

Art is more than a Canvas for me.  
It is the reason why I am always happy to get up in the morning, in the hope of making a difference in this world someday.

Art surrounds us everyday, from the moment we opened our eyes for another new day through the time we watch the stars until we fall asleep. Like, love, it also have a long list of meanings in different categories. That's why I love it. I love the Complexity of it. The one that makes me nervous and happy at the same time. The one that comforts me whenever I am feeling so down, and my refuge is not there yet. I am in love with these three letter word. Don't you realized it? Art is something for each and everyone of us. I believe that we all have our own artsy side. For sure, It's also beautiful and colorful like how I always dream about it. 

spread it.