December 2, 2011

Christmas Wishlist 2011

Since everyone is talking about Christmas. I would like to present to you my Top 10 Christmas Wish list of 2011. If my last year’s wish was to have a Real Ken for prom, now is the time to change it. Let’s get the ball rolling.

10. I want 2 dozens of Krispy Kreme with flavors included (Arranged in proper order of how much I like all of them): 

Powdered Strawberry Filled

 Original Glazed

White Chocolate Filled with Kitkat

Chocolate Filled with Kitkat

Glazed Cake with Kitkat 

Maple Iced 

Hershey’s Cookies and Kreme 

Chocolate Iced Custard Filled 

Cinnamon Apple Filled 

New York Cheesecake

 Chocolate Kreme Cake with Oreo

 Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles. 


9. I want a room make-over that will look like this:

with a wall like this:
 with books like this:

8. I want a Belle De Jour Planner 2012 =))))) a Travel Planner. sweetie. Bellas Let's take Flight!

7. I want the shopaholic collection (I have been wishing to buy this for the past two years, but fate doesn't lead me to it. I hope this time it will)
6. I want Grocery items which specifically include: Nutella Chocolate Spread, Gardenia Wheat Bread, Lay’s Chips, Swiss Miss Hot chocolate with marshmallows, Honey Outmeal, All flavors of Stick-O, every kind of fruits. Etc =)))) without mom telling: “It will gain you pounds, not that one we are on a budget, not that one here’s more delicious, not that one it’s too sweet” GOD.

5. Beauty Kit Shopping Spree!

The Body Shop Tailored Cheek tint

Revlon Lip liner

a bright Red Brush

Baby Powder

Bright Red Toothbrush

Extra Large Toothpaste

Ivory Facial Soap

together in a kit. 

(The number 5 wish is strongly required for my sisters. If you don't comply. Expect sleeping outside the house during your Christmas break, be also aware that this is a HIGH NECESSITY for a preppy college student)

4. I want a Red Mac Book Pro Case

3. I want a Hotel Escaped 2 with my IDC sisters

2. I want to meet Zooey Deschanel in person <///3

This year, I've become more realistic with less assumptions and a greater more reason to love myself.
So my Top 1 wish is:

1. I want to receive a love letter :D 

send it to: or PERSONALLY <3


Photo Credits: http://allaboutaudrey.tumblr.com and others are from google search.