December 12, 2011

Life is about them

We went to Daculang Tubig San Fernando Camarines Sur for an Immersion, this is an experience of opening ourselves to the poor by relating to them, by taking off our shoes and putting theirs.

We were both nervous and excited; we never really know what lies ahead. It was a  rainy Friday morning when we headed to San Fernando, I was with AQ11 (Financial Accounting Students) and RR11 (Nursing Students)

It was a clear view of the Reality, as soon as we step off our Jeepney Service; we knew that it was the start of the change. We were welcomed by smiling kids and excited host families in the Barangay Covered Court. The sad thing is there was no network signal in the area.

We had our special buddies too, they serve as our partners in crime in the area. My Special Buddy is Yhad, we were both born talkative, and that’s why we clicked so easily.

Then we headed to our host family, it was a little wooden house, we were surprised of course and at the same time realizations just smacked us. It was by the way our first house, before our brother died; this was  the highlight of the experience, the most heartbreaking of all. Waking up to the cries of the host family is the most terrible thing one can feel at 3:00am. It was indeed a painful moment and for a while It was like darkness came and the only thing I did was to hug my buddy Yhad because I wasn't able to control my tears anymore. I know now how it feels like to lose someone very important to you. And with tears rolling down while we listen to the intense mourning of the family, while we were busy pretending asleep, I let out the words: “Grabe, People who aren't living here they don’t know what’s happening, they’re busy searching for money, fame, romance, beauty and other material things, they forget what really matters most”

We told ma’am moon lee, about our concerns, and immediately we were turn over to a new house, a new family to love us more. There we met Lizafe and “the Shabbuya Girls” it was nice playing with them. After those cries during dawn we were already welcomed by colorful rainbow and smiling sunshine of the day!

We had our Mini-Concert too, and even though there was no electricity at that time, we still pursued with the concert, creatively and successfully and I think that is what Magis is for.
I was really happy playing with little kids. I was inspired by how they look up to us, which we seldom experience. We became the stars and their own inspirations to reach their own dreams.
In this immersion I also learned to do household Chores, without proper facilities, but it was worth it.
I learn to sleep without Uratex Flowery Foam and a big comforter. I learn to sleep in a natural air-conditioning room.
What makes it more inspiring is that they never forget to pray, and to trust God. They just never give up easily in life.

I learn to survive eating noodles for breakfast and as well as making my own breakfast.
I learn to give food hand in hand.
I learn  to  make new friends, even the little ones. In-spite of their condition they still manage to laugh.
I learn to think of others before me.
I learn that in times of afflictions and suffering all we have to do is to give a hand, and push!
I learn that life isn't only about who’ll tickle our hearts, instead it is about who is willing to give his heart, just to make you realize there’s so much more in life than finding the right love.
Day 3, I learn to cry genuinely just to make them see how happy I am to be with them and that I’ll be back soon to inspire them again. I am going to miss the experience.
And I just wish all the people in this world, will realize how hard it is to walk in their shoes and hopefully, a lot of us will help these less privilege because someday they're also going to be the avenue to make a change in this world. 

They'll be Heard.