November 28, 2011

Two Years. But the fire is still alive.

“Sometimes in battles we don’t just meet people to hate or people to crash, in reality we meet people to love.”

2 years ago, I fell in love.

I fell in love with adrenaline rush, pens and folded in half long size bond papers, I fell in love with timers, with not eating straight from 11am -10pm, I fell in love with the armchair, with the podium, with the table, with the floor, with the auditorium, with Mcdo and KFC, with dresses, newspapers, magazines, portfolio folders. I fell in love with fishing enemies. I fell in love with you.

While some passions, are not merely found in the beginning and that it will grow, if you give your heart to it. I found mine when I was in downfall, when I can’t barely talk, can’t barely breathe, and almost faint. This is the same feeling you can get while doing what you thought you can’t do, when you thought by doing it everyone will judge you, and everyone will hate you. But that is a misconception, when people start hating you; they’re starting to notice your fire, the possibilities that they can be overshadowed.

When things fall apart, it’s not because you were weak, you were not good enough, you fall apart because you knew you made your first mistake, and that it wouldn’t happen again. Sometimes, when we fall down we are blinded by hatred, by bad desires, by complaints, by tears. That we fidget and we become our own monsters. In a sense that you forget the people around you, who will always be there no matter what, to catch you, to pray for you. Yes, they may be expecting so much from you, but that is because they always believe you can. And when things get better, it’s merely because you knew that what you’re doing is something you love more than anything else and something that will benefit to those who loves you.

So why did I fall in love? It’s not because you let me. It’s because I found you, when I was in my worst. You showed me that love isn’t about the fight and the arguments. It’s about how you believe in me, it’s about relating to what I believe in and understanding what I feel, and never changing it. I don’t easily fall in love, but if I fall, I fall hard. The best thing you did to me was when you showed me the world that even green grasses had its meaning. Love and Hate are still not opposites. I hate you for giving me hard combats but I still love you for teaching me about how much the world can give.

2 years, and I am still holding on to my fire, I may not be as good as others. But I will always fall in love with you again and again and again.
Forever Debate.
11-28-09 to 11-28-11 onward.

DEBATE is more than just a SPORT.
It's an ART. It's PASSION. It's LIFE.:)