October 30, 2011

We're the victims of Love ♥

Hi I am TSA, I am about to tell you my 24 hour Hotel Escapade with my favorite Isabelina Debating Circle sisters AKA the All Chakadolled up Group 

This was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. being with my favorite Isabelina debating circle sisters, and being a princess for a while and having so much fun. It was like all the problems in this world wasn't created, I forgot everything even my grades, even if I still have so many things to do before school starts again. 
Thanks to Donna the birthday girl and our finance manager.
Donna, Ate Krystel, Me and Ate Avytte OR Dana, Telly, Annie and Abby
10:30 - We headed to Donna Santy's residence as a meet-up, so we can go together to watch Academic Festival Debate Grand finals, but we didn't catch the finals. (I know, it's the only sad part of this day) Oh Well. that's life. "If it's really meant to be, it will be."

12:30nn - We had our lunch at KFC.

Spotted: Shaira Cledera!

 1:30pm - We had some dress hunting at SM city naga, we were these ladies who wanted to wear children's dresses. God, you'd never thought that these ladies are so intellectual in nature. I was really blessed having crazy pseudo-sisters who will support you in anything you like doing.

 3:00pm - We went back to Donna's residence, and decided to be vain again. Haha

Pretty Tongue :D

3:15pm - This was the time we checked in the Villa Caceres Hotel. We were in room 207 <3

I love my sisters, aren't we beautiful? :D

3:30pm - We had some coffee at Starbucks and be noisy and vain.
She's the reason, why I became a debater.
Presenting: The All Chakadolled Up, Pose Edition.
Laughing at our own faces
The Flirt Pose.

The how-I-watch-horror-films pose.
The Sweet and Romantic Pose  =)))
The Serious Pose? Haha

5:20pm - This was the best part when we held our voices loud at Music Box. Singing our problems to death. Meet the All Chakadolls Girl group. Rawr!

Ate Tel, Loves my voice so much :""""""""> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

6:30pm - We had to go buy some drinks, and snackies for midnight games ;D Hahaha Loved it.

7:00pm - Did some stalking. and had some vain moments again.

9:00pm - Had our dinner. 

10:00pm - Went swimming and had some swimming lessons with Ate Avytte (Super talented singer) HAHAHAHAHA!

12:00am - Had some photo shoot and chikahan.

1:00am - 3:00am Let the game begins. But we first tested whether the wall was really an acoustic wall, our voices are like monsters.

A surprise Cake for Donna.
The cake.

3:00am - Did Some Stalking again and Phone Pranking.
Dear Avytte, Why are you holding my phone and who's your textmate? HAHAHAHAHAHA
I thought we aren't going to sleep?
8am -Woke up after those heavy laugh we made.
Our Morning Faces.

9:00am - Had our breakfast. But Ate Krystel went home early since her mom wants her to go home early. so yeah! SAD

10:00am - Watched Freaky Friday on Disney Channel.

Left Cake.
12:00nn - Farewell
At the lobby
It's time to close the lights, and move back to the reality.

In life, people doesn't bother so much about sad things when they can actually feel that they're not alone.