October 24, 2011

The New Girl

Zooey Deschanel is my new crush. She is so Pretty with the bangs on and I just love how she dresses herself as Summer Finn and Jess in New Girl.

My Top  favorite looks of her (I got these images from many sources in Google. It is not mine)

This Dress reminds me of My Mother. I don't know, she used to wear these kind of dresses when she was in her twenties and I just love how the belt compliments the waist.

I love the blouse. and I love the Mix of two Different Primary Colors. Red and Blue

Ask the Ribbon. I just love the look, it is so feminine: simple yet elegant! with a Vintage Flair.

This is the look that started during the Punk Era '70s. amazing how Retro is coming back!

I love her Character in New Girl being Adorkable, Funny, Quirky, Jolly. I am almost able to relate to what she's feeling, because the things she loved doing in the Series, are the actual things that I love doing too. Example: Trying hard Singing =)))) HAHAHA and dancing like a dork. Oh well.

I love her vintage look, I always admire vintage dresses. It is sort of my fashion style (Vintage meets Modern) I love wearing dresses and pairing them with stockings or a simple black dress with a large pearl earrings. When it comes to Casual, I love quirky flat shoes, I am a fan of a plain Ballet Flats (usually in bright colors) and moccasins, most especially One of a kind Dresses with Empire Waist, and I think what inspires me so much to wear such clothes is the Jolly Personality of Summer Finn in 500 days of summer :D and I am now anticipating her looks in New Girl.

I know Zooey will always be that one Girl, that I am willing to trade places with next to Audrey Hepburn and Blair Waldorf ;)