October 23, 2011

My First Days of Sembreak

The Start of my Hey-Relax-week 

October 17, 2011 was a cramming day slash swimming day for my classmates in Accounting Class, We had to finish a lot of work with regards with our hell yeah practice sets., but it was fun being so busy never really thinking of other stuff.

Then we went swimming. Ohhhhh how relaxing. 

My Closest College friends: L-R Lyka, Me (Up) Wynnah (Under), Lenny :D

This was a Stolen Shot. How Candid =)))))

October 18, 2011 was the 2nd day of sembreak. I had a date with my love life, I have ever known. Ate Krystel and Donna :* I know the Halo-Halo rocks.

An Ice Blinker Halohalo :) -Photo Credits from Byahero.

October 19 was a rest Day for me of course, I Read books and played with my new dog: Partyyy! How cute he is, don’t you think?
Mind the dog, not my Haggard Looking Fat Face :)))))

Photography from a book I am reading. =)))

October 20, Dad’s Birthday was bash. Although he went out partying with his friends, I know Dad loves Cake very much, so he brought a cake for us to eat and an Ice Cream too and a Cake from his Colleagues. I love my superman of my life so much.

I took this picture. I think it's tumblr worthy :)

My Tumblr-ish takes.

October 21, Well. This day was a freaking day to remember. I went shopping with my Tita in Naga City, looking for new set of clothes. So whenever I walked with my tita at the center of Naga, I always wear my House Clothes just simple Hello Kitty shirt and a simple shorts, not too dressy with my pony and bangs. But, My IDC sisters called me (Like an emergency) on the Cell, asking me to go to SM as soon as possible. So I have no Idea what’s up, I went to SM wearing my House Clothes. Great. Just Great. But it was fun seeing them again, I totally miss the old times </3

Well, Of course I had to take the shot, because I was effing Haggard and shy that time, to face the Camera.

October 22, Clean Up Day. Look at my Study Table, How Glam it is, After Fixing it.

I mean not so Glam, but it will do. HAHAHAHAHAHA

This isn't the End more to come :)))


This Sembreak Please:
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