September 19, 2011

The Peñafrancia Festivities

Well, it all started with my Birthday: September 9, 2011 which was actually the Traslacion Procession. It was a hot day to begin with but the tan line was worth it.

the two photos are from Ma'am Ruth Eva Ombao Photography. Thank you Ma'am :* Stay Cool!
The next day, I went to Peach’s house near Beanbag Coffee, how cuteee their foods were, we had a little chit-chat together with Jaena, Mayen, Ren, Lyza ang Janine. This was also called the Halo-halo day and the last day with Lyza Pontejos (God. I am going to miss this girl so much, she will now migrate to Canada, and the following days made me so sad) will tell you more about her in my next post! ;)
I will miss your lines: "Wanna Die Anna? Kung patal ka pano na kami? :( "

Skip to September 16, We watched the Voyadores festival and it was the first time Lyka and Lenny told me they like my Body Structure HAHAHAHAHA :D (is it true that I look different when I have my shades on?) 

At night 6pm -10:30pm I had a Dinner hopping with my friends at Magsaysay Avenue again (What do you expect? Haha) many friends were there too.  

Alec's love so I will love her too. Haha


 September 17, was grandiose since we had a big celebration at home, my eldest sister also went home from manila. I was surprised when I woke up early in the morning and have a little piggy beside me.

My Pig and I HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love you sissy :* She looks like this without her eyeglasses.
We celebrated the Fluvial Procession of our Lady of Peñafrancia, totally yummy foods. (Pictures will be posted later, had it in another cam) 

We went to watch the Fluvial Procession at the Magsaysay Bridge near Dayangdang. I loveee it! It was so dramatic. =))) I have grown up having the tradition of watching the fluvial procession every year. (Imagine that? I never had a year without watching it)
What a Candid Shot. I was supposed to take a picture of the Candles in front of them, but see? I took a picture of lovers. HAHAHAHA How sweet.

We heard mass, which is Grand too. But you have to sacrifice yourself in order to find the best place to hear it.

The Sweetest thing; (If I would blog the fiesta every year, my realization would always be the same: I have felt hard times and adversities EVERY YEAR but I went through it with one big SMILE) I will show you my Reflection paper when I was in GradeTen (4th Year Highschool) in the 300 years of the Gift of Devotion to Ina: (THIS IS A MUST READ)

“The 300 years of the gift of devotion to Our Lady of Peñafrancia
Contrary to what its name seems to indicate and the claim of some writers, the Peñafrancia devotion is not of French origin. History tells that the primitive image of the Virgin of Peñafrancia as now venerated in Bicolandia was found on the slopes of Sierra de Francia, a mountain range situated between Spain's two famous Provinces; Salamanca and Caceres. It is a noteworthy coincidence that while the primitive image was found near CACERES, in Spain, it's carbon copy has come to stay in NUEVA CACERES, in the Philippines.

I have known the history of Ina since elementary, and knowing this strengthens my faith more than ever each year. My Family is a devotee of Ina, I always attend Traslacion and Fluvial Processions, I was also born during Traslacion, and September has always been my favorite part of the year. I love Ina; it’s difficult to express it in words because love can only be explained through actions.

I remember the every year when I’m attending Traslacion, I gain many experiences, like commuting without our car for the first time, Experiencing the heavy rain while listening to the mass, bumping many people, the mud, the extreme hungriness and haggardness, With this every year: I LEARN.

I learn to LOVE in the extreme times of suffering. I learn to give way. I learn to avoid the mud of life. I learn to socialize with people. I learn to hug the rain, openly. I learn to perspire because of a purpose. I learn these all because, Ina let me.

In this Celebration, I would like to show my Vincentian spirituality by beginning to give what I have, and beginning to accept myself and the environment that awaits me in the future. I will not stop attending Traslacion and fluvial procession, because it is the only thing that allows me to remember how I became a real person.”

That was my Reflection Paper last year, and if I will rewrite it again for this year, I would add: Seeing myself as a Child of Mary, We all have to fail, fall apart and fit in, just to make us realize that there will always be someone who will sacrifice for us, catch us and fight for us.

Angelica Peña's Photography HAHAHAHA =))) Alec's Art.