September 16, 2011

Half-day with David Guison

This was such a late post, but I wanna share it here anyway.
I never knew David Guison until my friend told me about hisblog. This post is about my Alternative Class Program with David Guison (September 13, 2011), a Successful Blogger and a very talented photographer.

5 things I learned from him during the ACP:

My Excited Face =))) can't wait for the talk! :D

5.) Be free to express your true selves and not be someone else.

4.) Always be responsible.

3.) Everyone can Blog as long as you put your passion into it

2.) Blog not to impress.

1.) Even the not-so-socialite can be a famous blogger! (Hahahaha. I am so not going to ask a question anymore, it gives me unexplained Goosebumps.)

“What I admired most about him, is not the fact that he’s a cutie patootie or he’s fashionable, but his passion in blogging and his talent, I always wanna be like him just a normal teenage guy who inspires many people.”

Again, he inspired me to renovate my blog into a more diverse blog that can inspire people more.
Thank you so much David <3

Check out his blog and be inspired: