September 30, 2011

Submerged by your impact

"Say, won't you stay; we can talk about nothing at all Or sit here and make up the words as we go along" -Scott Porter and The Glory Dogs

I have been sitting for a while, doing nothing, just watching a baby sleep. I decided to write again.

In life we meet different kinds of people, hundreds of them. but there are few people who stays and give the best impact to you. even if they are either gone forever or gone for good. Starting from our haters, accept it we love our haters (if there is) because we tend to over think them, at night. (how sweet. hahaha) and of course the people we had since the day we were born. etc. but going beyond that, did we ever ask ourselves of who are giving us the best impact right now? who are we willing to give our best or worst to? and who made us over think again at night? these are the same questions I have been thinking while drinking a cup of coffee with a smile.

Guys. I hate to be dramatic! Let's make this easy. Right now, the one that is giving me the best impact, is my Accounting Teacher =))) for the reason that I am really not inspired to study hard anymore. (this is life) but right now in the verge of all our heck schooling life, there would be that downfall enough to crash you, and then there will be these cute little ones who will play sweet talks with you, who will make you feel really special, who will make you think you are so pretty with your bangs on, or who will sing lyrics like: "Although you were biased I love your advice, your comebacks they're quick and probably have to do with your insecurities" [-Jason Mraz] or share with you an umbrella while the stormy rain starts, maybe even have tag names like: sugar, pizza, jam, ketchup, cotton candy, sister, brother, Madeline etc. or there will be the time when you are really happy with night life, then there will be an effing hour where you will realize you are doing this because it is the closest thing to forgetting you're going to Canada, and it is time to say 'gora bye' see you after 10 years. the one who will compliment you first then after a while says you are fat, then you did 900 jumping jacks at home which made you cried so hard because of muscle pain. F!

See? there will be unexpected people who will make a big impact to you even if it is only in words, because it is in the time of failures, sadness, trouble, disorganization, wastefulness and whatever name it. That best impact comes in polarity. Sometimes, we become the best impact to others too, if we are really smart and we can perfect exams you would be an impact to others who just failed. or we could be the all-smile-girl who made a big impact to the person who really needs sunshine, or the guy who is a mathematician in nature you became an impact to a poor girl who can't understand trigonometry or in the negative way (enumerate). We are all ''impacts!" hahahaha.

Deep inside, when these people became impacts, they can change a big part in our perspective in life. positive and negative impacts. They could lead us to a better understanding of our own path or mislead us. whatever it is, in the deepest part of our hearts there will always be the reminder of them, you would reminisce your grade 4 bestfriend, who sent you the most heartbreaking letter, then you just laughed at it in 4th year college because you found out it was written grammatically wrong. etc.

At the end we realized: at one point in our lives, we fell. because it is in the great impact that we always fall. -T.S.A

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