September 15, 2011

Trial Fashion Photoshoot.

Sweet treats in your closet. 
Have a Fashion Photo-shoot at home, it is for me one of the best and the newest Recreational Activity.

My make-up less self.

My Amateur Fashion shoot, Haha. I had a really great time, posing with my naughty little cousins! Plus, being able to showcase to you, colors at its elegance.

My Wanna be pose in the Chicken House, good thing the Coco Lumber didn't give up! My cousin said this was the best shot, since my legs doesn't look big and crispy like the pig legs. HAHAHAHAHA!

I so love the shades, My dad gave it to me 2 years ago but it's still alive. Ray-ban rocks!

Nicole and I, with her Cinderella inspired dress, with that cutie headband. For me this was the best shot, because it is so natural and the aura is happy!

What I like most about this shot are the bright green slippers that goes with the background. We all love green, don't we?

Yeah. I know that is a big fat face, I just love how my hair curls without having the effort to curl it. The Dots in my Sleeveless blouse puts out the drama too :) <3

Yay! My mom is the director in this too catalog pose. She's like the Tyra Banks or the Jay Manuel HAHAHAHA. 

Look at the necklace. I bought it for Christmas Party last year because it goes with anything! I love the feathers.

You will never ever believe that this is the Abandoned bahay kubo in my Grandma's Landscape Garden. HAHAHAHAHA. What I love about Fashion Photography is that you can just play around with anything, with any background or place, as long as you have passion and fashion in your hearts. 

I am fat. But the Skirt counts. My Aunt bought the skirt to me last March, but I never had the guts to wear it because my legs doesn't give justice to that pretty skirt :D Lol!

You'll laugh at this post, because I am such a wanna be. The thing is the clothes that I wore in the shoot, were the clothes that was given to me, but I never had the chance to wear it because I have too many insecurities in life: I am fat. I have mom arms. I have big ears. etc. so I tried to find a way on how I can wear these clothes without being shy. And the fashion shoot saved me.

The Credits goes to: My Cousin slash 11 year old Photographer. My Mom. Grandma's Cribby. My Shirt from Juicy Couture, Just G, Havaianas, Ray-Ban and Veeko Skirt.