August 11, 2011

I always cry at endings

Some of us wanted to have a super memory,  it may be for the exams or a recitation, but beyond that what people are really afraid of is forgetting. In this world, memory is the strongest builder of our own identity, we have to always look back for us to know who we really are. Imagine these memories to be a telecommunication company, that serves as a communication provider to our lives, without memories people will be making the same mistakes again. Without memories, people will DIE without a name, but with memories, death is nothing but a word to explain that our bodies expired, and we have to reload again by using our memories.

Last month, I attended a burial of a family friend, a father to two young children, and a Barangay Captain in a certain village. It was my first time to attend a burial, I gravely saw how each of the family members cried, It was a heartbreaking moment indeed. All the people who love him gathered, even if you are not as rich as their family or you are just a commoner or a sight seer like me. Then I realized, nothing is permanent in this world, no one will stay forever.

But then, my eyes were opened to see the reality; 

Some Memories are painful when mistakes surrounds us but sometimes to see our pain beyond will speak of memories that makes us appreciate life. Some people were blinded by their own personal desires, they cry for midterm exams because they failed, not really realizing that it is the loss that teaches us to pray hard. to see that we were wrong, to see that we are not always perfect. It is the loss of something we love that teaches us to hold on to what matters most. Nothing is really permanent, at the end of the day, the thing that counts is how you made a great big story out of the hours you spent. 

Death is an inevitable thing, you cannot stop it! You can only prepare for it. At the end the question of what is really relevant is not the year you were born and the year you will die, but the little dash between these dates.

This morning I sent a morning message to my friends: 
"Life is not about looking for love, It is about finding someone to show you that life is worth living."

People may go, they will leave us, but don't worry their bodies may have died, but the memories we have created will live as long as you remember it. 

This blog is to Mae Ocampo who lost her aunt a month ago and her grandmother this month. condolence my dear friend.
I also lost my dog: Kiko and the fishes in Aquarium. Oh How terrible death is to animals </////3