July 28, 2011

Love more trees!

Once Upon a time...

You will never believe that fairy tales happen in reality, Because we are disconcerting the value of supernatural tales.

July 24, 2011 although I have already experienced tree planting back in High school, it was never been sweeter like in college. I woke up feeling really irritated and lazy. I really don't care of what lies ahead. I sent out my prayers to  God, that hopefully I will experience something greater than that of same routines everyday.

Finally, My Prayers were answered. This isn't just a walk-in tree planting, you have to experience so much sufferings, because you will have to climb your way ahead the tree planting area. It is difficult most especially when you know your body is so weak that it may give up easily, if you have weak lungs and weak disposition. I have really felt it so much, with much anticipation that what I am feeling right there was suffering from polluting the earth. I am tired, yes, but I have felt love.

I want to thank the people who made it possible for me to reach the top:

The people behind the smile on my face despite the pain, and despite the tremendous feeling in my heart. Though they didn't literally carried me, They have been the Commercial breaks in my little tears. 

The people who made me smile when I said: I am planting trees for the fairies. That taught me, maybe Fairy tales come true in real life, not because a squash became our means of transportation but because we didn't notice how far we flew without mighty pixie dusts! 

The people whom you thought, are careless and ungentle, who made me believe that not all guys are the same, that some guys are really meant to carry my heavy duty things. Which made me laugh so hard =)))) because I can't believe they did that.

The people who are the roots of sufferings, who taught me that Change is possible when you are able to realize its worth and why you are doing it.

AC14, I know that I am not used to talking to strangers, I am shy and reserved (at first meet, at first glance) but I have already showed you who I really am. I love you, for making me realized the world within four corners with you.

The Fairy fell in love with the trees that blossoms freely in the air, the trees made by amazing people of good heart. They live Happily with new experiences!

The End