July 24, 2011

The Ignatian Cup

This is an Asian Parliamentary Inter-Collegiate Debate tournament, which I am so much looking forward last week, besides the fact that debating is my passion, and at first I was really confident to stand out, because I have all the debate Background I needed. BUT I WAS WRONG, in life it is not always your way. Believing is not only the solution to win, but making it possible; can.

It really pained us (Our Team: CBA A) when we never really won, we never stood out. When we tried our best we always lose, I guess crying is the only way to withstand the pain but being strong, with your head still up is more suitable.

Ate Krystel was hailed: Bitch, but I think she is the most intrapersonal of all, I love her when she uses her principles in life when we prepare speeches, not knowing that she inspires us all. Though, how many feedbacks we get, I know that she’ll always be one of the best Debate Sister I ever had. She never leave you broken or bashed, who will wait for you no matter what and will always be there as leader.
“Don’t you worry your pretty little mind; people throw rocks at things that shine” (Taylor Swift)

We may have been LOSERS at the end of the day. But for me I had the best walking trophy, ever received.
In life, every defeat leads to a better you; the one who fails at the start will have a great happy ending. The reason we experience failures is for us to be able to learn something that winning cannot teach us, The Ignatian Cup might not be for us but we met new friends that serves as the best award.

I would like to give special thanks to Ate Merryl Garcia for inspiring me so well, and being one of my most admired working adjudicator <3 thank you for giving me the excuse letter.

To Ate Arcci and Ate Danice, thank you for giving us points for improvement, which will serve as yardstick for our future debating careers and to The Ateneo de Naga Debate Society (Remontados) Thank you for opening your doors for us to experience debating at its fire.