July 8, 2011

Behind every hero there is a heartbreak.

I was awaken by my alarm clock this morning, feeling the urge to not get up anymore because I feel so depressed and frustrated with what just happened this week, I feel devastated and I am really weak. I know that I didn’t pass all of my Preliminary Exams; I know that if ever I passed, it‘s a passing score. I mean, I always questioned myself: What happened to me: Being Better? I really studied hard before my exams, but it goes to show that I really didn’t do well.

Sometimes, the biggest trials are in the beginning so that you would see the light in the end. So I woke up crying, I woke up hugging my two pillows because I never wanted to get up anymore, because I can’t do it, I am so dumb. I am really afraid to fail again.

Our trials might be different but the Ideology is the same, we need to be bombarded with lots of pain, to be able to stand up again. Taller than you are, we might experience different triumphs but the ending is the same. So I realized, though how awful I am in Prelims and some other quizzes, it isn’t too late for me to stand up. Because there is no such thing as too late, only regrets.

I failed Accounting, Principles of Management and Organization, Introduction to business finance, Salvation history, Algebra, English. It is hard to say its okay, if it isn’t really okay. But someday, and I really hope someday, I will be better. Even though I can't get over by my mistakes and how I ruined my exam papers, I will really refresh myself this coming Monday. Good Luck to me!

Then, at the end you will realize that what really matters most is not what you have in the beginning it is how you see yourself in the future. And how you used it to cultivate the present.
Love what you are doing, is the simplest answer to our cries.

“Pretty Pretty Please don’t you ever ever feel, that you are nothing, you are fucking perfect to me” (Pink, Prefect)

To Wynnah Hidalgo I know you are effin' depressed about your test results but believe me you are smarter than me.

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