June 19, 2011

I am Daddy’s Little Girl

The very amazing thing that came to my mind whenever I think of my Dad is how he approached my mom, and created the greatest love stories. Just this afternoon, when I was busy computing for my balance sheets in accounting. I was hesitant to create a new blog post, I am never too close to my Dad, but when I close my eyes. I see him as the great man, who was able to inspire others and inspire us to be stronger.

We are all waiting for this kind of man, a man who would be willing to knock on our doors, just to see our real life heroes (Our Dad). Like my dad, I want to find the boy who is gentle enough to make us sleep when everything is in downfall, a man who would sing love songs when we are sick, a man who will be your driver anywhere, a man who would take care of the groceries, a man who would go with us to shopping malls because it is our greatest desire. Lastly, a man who will serve as our best friend forever.

“Be a best friend, Tell the truth, and overuse I love you. Don’t let your praying knees get lazy, and love like crazy”

It was 11 years ago, when he had a great accident. I look at him stronger than ever, even with many tubes on. I saw his sufferings and pain. At the end, he stayed, he never left us because he is the only man we knew, who took care of us whenever, we are an island or a broken one. Our Dad is the only thing who will never leave us. Our true love.

I was Six years old. I gave the cute little mango to him which made him stay alive. I was forever a Daddy’s Little Girl.