June 1, 2011

My Alter Ego

We all should be proud of ourselves even if...

We never had a Skinny Body like models do

We never had our own Car

We never had a pretty Bedroom

We never had a very High I.Q. to qualify for the intellectuals

We never had a mansion

We never had all the money we want

We never had a Christian Louboutin Shoes

We never had the chance to watch Fashion shows

We never had the chance to be pretty
We never had cool Gadgets

We never had the perfect family

We seldom eat Nutella or cheese creams with our toasts
We have nasty feet, because of too much walking

We never experienced Living in Disney land forever

We never have our own colorful study table

We never had a walking closet
We have different kinds of bullies

We have holes in our rooms

We have few shoes

We have a very few numbers of dresses or clothes

We never had the chance to buy expensive groceries

We don’t know how to sing very well or dance like famous persons

We never had the chance to wear trench coats in the Philippines

We don’t know maths or world history very much

And we think that we could never inspire people or help people, or have a self-worth because we thought we are useless, ugly, fat, coward people. We are not like the girlfriend material, who are richer and more deserving for our own little crushes, or the fact that we are not smart. Believe me, If we are all trying to be rich and be like the girls in the movies or the petite ladies in real life, we are nothing more or less worse than they are. We should all be proud of ourselves because we are like this, half of the people on earth are suffering from many hard problems, half of the people on earth are blind or incapacitated to have normal life, half of the people on earth are hungry and that makes us luckier than half of the people on earth, if we live life the way it was given to us, We all should be proud of ourselves even if there are people better than us (as we think) because, Believe me. I have been given few chances too, I am not rich like my friends do, but I live my life happily and life gives me so much happiness, even if there are more even ifs in my life.