June 2, 2011

The 1st Day as a Rising Hero

This year's Orsem (Orientation Seminar) was themed: The rise of the heroes. It was a hot day to begin such a beautiful ladder to your dreams, HAHAHAHA =))) I thought my former school was the hottest place, but it turns out I was really wrong. But I had fun with friends and new blockmates. I was always the reporter, WHAT the |HELL? I am the timid girl and yet they let me speak, thank God I didn't spoiled my report! Anyway,

The first day turned out really exhausting but it was fun being exhausted, after all the summer-sleeping.
We went to Xavier Hall for a Brief Introduction and a Mass, Whew! Totally sticky skins!

We went to McDonald's enjoying the Aircon, it was like we've never been in an Air-conditioned room, HAHAHAHAHA =)))) and guess what? there are no Available Seats!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD! but it was sort of funny, when we actually strive to find one! What a really tiring half-day.

After that we proceeded to our respective rooms, I met my Dear Blockmates, it was really funny to think that I was so nervous not being smart and all that, because I am really not good in math! But I realized, Maybe I just need a Heck of study period to pass, because there are nice people out there to lend you some help!

We had 3 Activities,

1.) Getting to know yourselves as who you wanted to be
2.) Getting to know the major situations in your life, to help you succeed
3.) Learning how to live out your goals worthily

At the end of the day, I was satisfied, I was challenged to do better as days of the school year goes by. I am a true fiery Isabelina but I can be a true blue eagle TOO :P