May 31, 2011

Cheers to the end of summer

It was 2 months when I’ve been Idle, doing nothing perfecting every single detail in the Computer Games, and Running hands to hands in the rain or in the cozy sunny afternoons. We all love that kind of Idleness, when we are forcing our Moms to buy Flip-flops for the outings or tours. Eating, Sleeping, watching movies, making yourself pretty for the coming months, being a better you when you see your friends again, It has been a heck of a ride.

But the best summer is the one spent with your awesome friends and relatives, the best ones are those counted not on how many fashion shows you’ve seen, or how many outings you have experienced, how many movies you’ve watched and how much you have changed a lot. The best ones are those times when you have laughed so much because you knew in your heart that you are happy even if it is in the cheapest place in town, even if it is a free picture taking booth in a mall, even if it is in your living room or bedroom as long as you’ve touched and made others’ summer worth while.

I have been really busy this summer to lose weight. I realized that the best time this summer is when I have broke my diet knowing that, I broke it because I was really depressed and eating a Strawberry Cake makes me Happy. It is a beautiful ego.

It’s school year again, the chances of following your dreams are near, so we have to bid goodbye because this is another ride, a ride to find other aspects not only Idleness but being in a ride of business while having friends, while reaching our own big dreams. I know, This summer we have worked hard for us to be better, to be more likable by others this coming school year, but always remember Summer isn’t about you changing yourselves it is about us changing others as we hold the steering wheel, Cheers to us! Cheers to a wonderful summer escaped and Bid Goodbye with a smile. Ciao! 【ツ】