June 10, 2011

3rd Day and the First Day of Classes as a Hero!

It was a very exciting day; I entered in my new school having the courage and hope to formally shine as an Accounting Student. I am so Afraid, afraid of not reaching expectations and afraid of failing myself once again. This is the Day, when I am about to turn the page for a new chapter of a book, and to remind myself this isn’t a fairytale anymore or a Chic-Literature, this is beyond that: A book that comprises the reality of the world, the worst scenarios with the best ones.
I entered in the school, with the vision of myself marching down in the four pillars, bringing colors to my family. Yet, I know I am incapable of that, because there are smarter or better people in front of me, so I close my eyes, I prayed. Once I open them, I am ready to face these people.
A professor asks us of three things: Our Nickname, School Graduated, and the thing we love doing. The last question was the bombed of the day, as I said: “I am a Debater” which struck me to his reply: “We have debate Society here in Ateneo” I smiled “But I know you have your family from the other side of the road” what is the sense of bringing this statement to this blog? It is the fact, that we are now on the different road, a road that will change our lives forever, and Good bye is the only thing we know.
I’ll never be the same, if we ever meet again.
Let’s face this; College life is so much different. You have to carry yourselves as who you really are, you have the freedom. You have the power. You have the intellect. You have everything, but you don’t know what lies ahead. You don’t know anything, you stumble around. Then you give up easily. The first day made me realized that everyone is hungry for survival, everyone has the same dreams: I wanna be a CPA! But only one can get that. Accountancy is easy, if we are going to believe it is easy. Math is fun if we are going to believe it is fun. BELIEVE. Though how hard it is, though how difficult it is, even for me. I tried my best to say it out loud: I AM GOOD AT IT! So I’ll be good at it. It is the Challenge of the college life, you have to stay strong and you have to hope for what you really want. Never give up! If you didn’t succeed, don’t worry every heroes has downfall and weaknesses, all we need is to stand up!
As the days go hard, Laugh Hard. As the days go difficult, play with it. As the nights grow longer, then let the next day grow. As the Building moves higher, then use the stairs with a smile. Face the beginning, the best are yet to come if we are just going to believe it is the best. At the end, we will realize that we are all made to be a hero.
Credits to my Awesome! Blockmates: Ac14, To my USI-ADNU friends, to my ever supportive bully in college beware of Wynnah Hidalgo. Hahahahahaha =)) :)