June 3, 2011

2nd Day as a Rising Hero

We went to different student offices. I'm really tired, but I did learn a lot, I was inspired to join Organizations again, I want to Join the SSG (supreme student government) and be a leader too. But I will definitely focus on my adjusting-part and studies first, maybe if I will be given the chance, I WILL! 
Then in the afternoon we had activities, but the striking one was when we played the "I Love you? Do you Love me?" game, wherein you will tell that phrase to a Person when you run out of seats when everybody starts to run and find their own! It was fun though my french tips were ruined!!! :( =))))) My classmates are so funny. I am so excited to learn with them, as the school year starts!

The Day taught me, that everyone of us has its own strength, you may be good at athletics or Name-it Clubs, but I am also good at something else. We are all good, we just have to find out what it is, Take the Risk to Ask! Take the Risk to Join and never be afraid to Fail :D <3