May 26, 2011

You've Got a world of Chances

I've got a paper and pen.I go to write a goodbye and that's when I know I've got a world of chances for you.chances that you're burning through.
▐▐ Demi Lovato 
Before you read this, listen to the song first :) it's cuuuuute :"> though dramatic. Haha

I never really had a heartbreak; I mean I have never been in love. HAHAHAHA =)))) #Lieswetell. In College, High School Crushes will never be the same again. So I’ll write a goodbye to my butterflies I felt before:

Dear Butterflies,

When I reach my Accounting Classes, Please never come out again, because it is such an overrated feeling when I was in High School.

But I will surely do miss you, How when I open my Messages and received a text from who-ever-it-is-that-I’m-in-love-with, it seems that it was the most wonderful feeling in the world!

The time when we got to Powder ourselves and put our lipstick on, because He’s there waiting outside, You are forcing me to smile but I tried so hard not to.

Then you’d tap me with insecurities because I was so weak to face him, but I did it anyway. Because you told me it is the easiest way to impress him. I remember when you were there to let me cry because I felt so dumb and she's better and smarter and more beautiful.

You made me believe that he has to fall for me too, because there is a saying: when they know that you have a crush on them they fall for you too, but it is never really true.

The feeling you gave me when he’s with another girl, I’m going to Facebook-Chat my friends and tell them to research about that bitch! Hahahaha. How every girl linked to him is like my Main Topic when eating in Mcdonalds.
Then when I’m at the mall, you made me wish that he was there too, and then you suddenly had a rush when the music in the Bookstore is a song I am exactly feeling that day.

The Days when we are sending false-group messages, because I only sent it to him, but it was labeled a Group message. ♥
The  Day I met him, you forced me to sign up in Plurk, so that I can catch up to what he’s doing, never really knowing that I fall deeper when he said Good Luck, upon posting: I am doing my Investigatory Project in Chemistry. How I died because of you, Crazy Butterflies.

The Moment when he congratulated me because I did well, then I just did the Thumbs Up!You hate me being so Naïve. ƸӜƷ  

You still remember how I doodled in my notebooks, when I am bored in class because Having butterflies is greater than counting butterflies in math.
This is a picture of Mae's Doodles (My Sweet Seatmate)
How every love songs reminded me of him, Though I never really showed you in front of him because you are too colorful.

◄◄ The Night when you made me wish that time would never run out in prom 
The Day I pledged to my Alma Mater, how everyone hopes they’ll receive a Bouquette of Flowers. But I'm Only hoping for him to show up after receiving my Diploma . I never saw him because our Graduation day is the same as your school. 

But Right now, I am trying not to feel it anymore, because I want to be over. As a part of me being better; “I swore I was gonna marry him someday, but I realized some bigger dreams in life” –Taylor Swift, Fifteen.
Good Bye my self-old romantic feeling, because I’m saying hello to a new dimension, but for the last time you were the reason why I needed to be better, because when the right time comes, I will be really prepared. I’ll give you a world of Chances, again. Like what I felt in High school.

I think this is the End of my   Highschool Fairytales because I’m going to a Large Encyclopedia. Goodbye my Dearest Butterflies. 

Love, The Sweeter Anna  εїз 

This is a picture when I was in so much love in december. Love with my Friends and  Debating Circle :D