May 23, 2011

This is my Dearest Girlfriend

We never see each other everyday, we hang out in school but never talk much, she never jam with me. But I know her since grade 5 because we were linked by the voices of the wind. LOL!

Me and Alec or let's say Angelica Peña, are like Companions never a dramatic sisters by heart or whatever, we just get in touch if we ever need each other, in parties for example we are like the two islands, She have her own life and I have mine. But when things fall apart, you'll never know how a tsunami works on these two islands, because we never forget each other. Though we had fights we ended up being the sweetest friends anyway. 6 years as close friends but the 3 years ended up being our enemy days =))))) Hahahahahahaha. That I realized nothing is really perfect! you learn from every bit of that imperfections. and I love her like I love my Juicy Couture Shirt, it just never ceases! <3

Friendship doesn't necessarily mean being there beside you (Literally) but being there beside you in the worst time of your life, no matter how far you are to their world, even when you don't see them often, they are always ready!

I never knew how we Clicked, but that's life it carries you from unexpected people.
-She made this

We also had an agreement that when I become a Fashion Designer, she'll be my model :) so stay close dream, because I'm coming!