May 23, 2011

The boy, in our dreams.

We are driven by our own little imaginations, especially when we are watching romantic movies, accept it! We are all kinda hoping that our love life would be like the movies we watch, the one like A walk to remember, when we are so damn in love with Carter and deep inside our hearts we want to Die too so that we can say the lines: “I am not afraid to die, I am afraid of not being with you” But then again after the cast of characters we are now switching our lives to the reality; that not all love stories comes with a great ending, a happy one. Not all marriages has forever, don’t you ever wonder what will happen next to that Ending Kiss in the movie? So I guess, Movies doesn’t show what True Happy ending is.

We sometimes dream of guys who would be willing to save us when we are drowning from the water or the guy who would be willing to catch you whenever we fall apart. Never really thinking that these things are superficial, you can never find a man to save you from drowning if you’ll never risk to drown or a man to catch you if you’ll never try to fall. See? We are talking of checklist but we never dared to CHECK it!

We are all dreaming of the guy who would be our Prince Charming willing to uplift as to the spotlight, or the nerd guy who is there to teach you Chemistry or Physics, or the Knight in shinning armor. Close your eyes, then you imagine of yourself again being with Justin Bieber or Sam Concepcion or other celebrities we like, maybe even the Locals the neighborhood  the Girl-next-door or the Boy-next-door or the guy who will write love letters just to please us!!! You pray hard, how many signs do we ask Jesus? Just to see our crush in the Mall, bumping like in the Television Series and you go talking all day. Then you fall in love, and then He saved you from harm. Dada! Happy Ending, I hate to break this to you but it never is the happy ending, life goes on, we can never depend from that simple mall-bumping. So find someone who would be willing to stay with you no matter how many times you let go.

And these men are hoping for the same things to happen. The Problem with some of them is that they just wait, not merely thinking that Half of the girls around the world is looking for them, while we are just depending on every falling star. Guys let’s be a MAN!
It’s a sad thing how Social Networking sites affected our greatest strengths in facing the truth, sometimes we tend to be insecure by pretty ladies on Facebook, or the fact that they’re skinnier, so we tend to hide what we really feel because you thought you never deserved it.  BUT WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? It is never about Beauty or Brains. It’s about carrying your true selves.

We could always have the sweetest story but we never have to be doomed by movies, because it is the reason why a lot people these days are having displays or arguing about the little time they have, Having a love story doesn’t mean that you have to stick together because our lives doesn’t revolve with the two of you, a camera man isn’t around you, reality has major issues like RH bill or VFA or British Petroleum Leakage.

At the end of the day, we have to realize that choosing someone to fall for is a very difficult task you have to look with your heart not by our eyes. And if you are really meant for each other, you’ll always be making your path to that destiny, not just sitting there shouting you feelings in tumblr. This men in our dreams will come so as long as we try our best to find it, study hard!

I wrote this blog because I was inspired by the movie: Beastly. HAHAHAHAHA it made me cry again. =))))