May 8, 2011

A sweet-sweet Mother

16 years ago, I was the baby who can’t stand alone. Who know nothing about the world, then there came the sweetest angel: Who taught me that standing up isn't the only thing we need in this world, we have to learn to walk, alone.

12 years ago, I was the little kid who got sick then there came, my sweetest doctor, who gave me laughter and love as the greatest medicine.

10 years ago, I was the little toddler who know nothing about books, there came the sweetest teacher who showed me that books are my bestfriends, who I can consult to anytime I want.

7 years ago, I was the little kid, who had an enemy and I don’t know how to answer my little bullies, then the sweetest hero came, she said I don’t have to reply or answer my bullies, because I am more than what they have. She taught me to be strong while never fighting.

5 years ago, I was the little adolescent who have problems about her puberty stage, here came again the sweetest doctor, who said that my problems are normal, that I should stay calm and think about the better solution, because in silence problems are solved.

2 years ago, I was the teenager who has problems about my heart, because it beats to the wrong person, then there came the sweetest cardiologist, who taught me to never fall in love with the wrong guy, but be free to love others, never forget how to love back. And who taught me that Heartbreaks are for those people who know so much about love, who expect things the way they want to be, but never contented, the cardiologist said: You should always be contented to the Love, people give you.

1 year ago, I live up as High school Junior, who cried for geometry because it is too difficult, then there came the sweetest geometry tutor who taught me that the reason I fail geometry is because I don’t believe in myself, fears came first before strength and knowledge. Who build my confidence inspite of difficulties.

The Angel, The Doctor, The Teacher, The Hero, The Cardiologist, The geometry tutor is my sweet-sweet mother. Who became the light to my world, which showed me that I can have it, so as long that I should wait, who tried her best to give me everything. She’s the best mom in the world, and all of us have their best moms too.

So now, I live up to be a better college student, I realized my mom is also a writer, who writes our best Life story ever.

Happy Mothers’ Day Everyone.