May 7, 2011

Fearless Zipline

This is a really late post, but I'm gonna share it anyway.
We went to Legazpi, Albay Airport to fetch my Uncle from Abroad. We just got this feeling to try the Lignon Hill Zipline, which of course I am excited about, since it is my first time, to try Ziplining.
I was with my Two Cousins: Sophia and Nicole. My Mom, Tita Camille, Tita Matet and Grandma Lola. It is a really fun ride. I had the greatest feeling in town :D

You can feel an Adrenaline Rush, just like when you're gonna speak in front of the crowd and be like 'UHMMM' or the feeling when you see your crush. I cried at the middle of the ride. HAHAHAHAHA =))))) but I'm still smiling, while my tears are rolling. 

Thanks to my Awesome mom, for letting me ride in the Zipline. I know it is a really simple escapade but it is worth remembering.