May 9, 2011

How a typhoon makes a Dramatic Home

It’s Scary when you hear the sounds of the strong

winds, the pouring of the rain and the flow of floods. And here we are waiting for it to stop, here in our rooms, having a hot Coffee or embracing our most delightful pillows with our comforter. Lucky that we have our Parents and Sisters, who would be willing to play Tic-tac-toe with you or Dress me games, while the strong winds blow.

It is amazing how typhoons can deliver thousands of feelings in each of our houses;
There are people who don’t have shelters so they comfort themselves with Plastics or Cardboards outside malls or tall buildings, and yet they feel warm even without Comforters or Cozy Bed, they’re still smiling over the raindrops.

There in the small house, lives a Happy Family which they comfort themselves by playing shadows over the dark brownout world, having pails all over to catch the drops made by the holes in the ceiling and yet they got to share their dinner with a candle light.

There in a bigger house where, we, commoners live had a simple gathering with snacks and chocolates, full of laughter while hearing the breeze outside, it is like the house became the small world even with their flash lights on.

There in a much bigger house, lives the doctor who would be willing to go outside to check safety among their place, and the mother who is preparing the First Aid Kits and Life Jackets in case of Emergency and yet the Family realizes how big but unbeneficial their house is because they only need the master bedroom, to comfort themselves in the Cold weather.

We are all scared of the typhoon, some people needs the Gym of a University just to survive in the Flashfloods or Landslides, some cries because their cell phones needs to be charged but the electricity is limited, some stay calm and wait for the news bringing their jackets on, some Shout for help because their house is flooding, some put his favorite books in a plastic bag so that it will be safe, some are alone, that they comfort themselves by prayers and hope.

It is amazing how Natural Calamities can change many people, how after all this rain we still have hope that the next morning will be full of Light from the sun.

At the end of everything, we will realize that we are all equal when tragedy hits us, we don’t need social status. We need comfort from others most especially from our own home, not from our houses.
People just never have the talent in giving up when there is a Home.