May 6, 2011

The Songs that took our breathe away

While walking on the way Home, I heard this little song 
from one of our street mates, a song sang by Enrique 
Iglesias. Which the Lyrics go:

Somebody wants you Somebody needs you Somebody dreams about you every single Night. Somebody Can't Breathe Without You its Lonely Somebody hopes that someday you will see

It made me feel like I’m in a movie again, like all of us do whenever we hear our favorite songs.  I remember my Music teacher said: “It is our key, to tell something we are afraid of telling, music it is” Now, I understand why Taylor Swift’s lyrics are for her heartbreaks or admiration because she is afraid to tell it upfront.
There are songs which makes us hysterical, when we close our eyes we feel a little more of fashionable or a party girl, we dance hard. And it makes our heart beats harder because we are so happy, we forget all our problems just for a while.

There are songs which makes us Sick, because they give bad tones. We feel Extreme Plague, but we never consider how the writer of that song feels about it. And how Half the people on this world like it because we are so busy considering our opinions about that song.

There are songs which makes us laugh, when we shuffle lyrics and make it seems like a joke but it is still a song, made by happiness and creativity.

There are songs which makes us reminisce past events, a death, a wedding or maybe even our high school memories, the songs we sang with our friends, our family or our batch mates. The song which will never grow old and the meaning is still the same.
There are songs which you can’t utter because they’re fast, but we still try our best to follow them even though it is hard.
There are many kind of songs, but the best songs are those sang for us. It is amazing how songs, just like books can bring us to wonderland or a fairytale, and make us happy just for a while.