May 4, 2011

So there's this boy

When he first said: “Go on, Tell them why you should win” who made me believe that not all guys are Ungentle. 
The boy, who is smarter than his pile of books, because he knows how to Study without being weird.

The boy, who made me forget my childhood crush, and it seems that every day when I wake up, it is like a fairytale. I am Cinderella, incapable of reaching his Prince Charming.

The boy, whose smile is worth a thousand sun rays.

The boy, who wears his Eyeglasses and make him look Innocent of things that are happening around, deep inside: he knows every news, because he is a speaker.
When his status in Facebook are from song lyrics, it sounded just the same when you listen to the actual music.

Lately, I have been studying Math because I know he is Good at it. I tried my verrrrry best. I learn to cry because of Failure in Geometry.

He is someone who pretends that he doesn’t know Love. Guess what? He had love this girl, who is Mesmerizing because she is Smart too. (I was never a part of it)

The boy, whom I write my Short Stories about. Once Upon a time *Insert Story here* They danced together, and had a happily ever after.

This boy is so talented. He dances. He sings. He tells jokes =)))) But I never had the chance to hear it, because he’s so far from where I am standing.

Like every arguments you make in debate. He is like the Banner Statement. The Introduction. And I am the Link.

In every Green Dot beside his name on Facebook Chat, there is a hidden Story.

He deserves every happiness in this world.

The boy, who changed my perspective in lifeNovember 29, 2009.

If he could listen to my prayers at night. then he will understand, why I am always awake late at night. 

So there’s this boy, who made me believe that fairytales can come true

Then he never was my Prom Partner. =))))) I realized, Some Fairytales comes without Happy Endings but we can write another Story. Like in a Love Letter there’s always a Post Scriptum.