May 7, 2011

College Blues

It’s now a month before my first day of classes in college, I’m excited (of course) to meet new friends, new professors, new colleagues, new schedule and new campus.  There are 5 things I am excited about in college:
Number 1, I am ready to meet new classmates, which will help me grow as a professional being.
Number 2, I am excited of the new fresh schedules which of course NO FRIDAY CLASSES. And to pay my Fees without my parents. HAHAHAHAHA =))))
Number 3, I am really excited of the outcomes of the lessons which will make me better at maths (Hopefully).
Number 4, I am excited to graduate as an Accountant.
Number 5, there is a level up to learning than that of High school.

The very best things in college will be happening. But the worst are also waiting, I have college blues (I mean, everyone has this blues) I am afraid. I am scared. I am dumb. I can’t do this. These are the things, which we have in mind, when we enter college.
Three things we are afraid of: We are afraid to Fail, We are afraid of Classmates with attitude problems, we are afraid of not pleasing people. Sometimes, we forsake our own capabilities, we thought that we are not qualified for these specific courses, we never ask ourselves if we can do this, because we are afraid that the answer is always: no.
I remember the first time I joined a very intellectual club, I was about to cry when they asked me why I joined them, I lost hope, I thought I was really dumb because they’re all smart and pretty and I am not, but months came. I tried my best to survive; I fell in love with them.
The feeling of these College blues is the same as that of my experience, yet I’m really nervous of the outcomes, because I am really weak in math, but I always bare in mind, that the lack of confidence may double our weakness.

I realized that, whatever happens you always have to trust yourself, even though your 
weak you have to think that you’re strong, that if you fall down you have to stand up 
again, We are all scared of facing a new environment, but we have to make sure that 
you have to live up your dreams, and no matter what we are all going to try our best 
to reach it.

This is by the way, my 1st semester College Schedule: (AC14)
Had an easy time, Enrolling :D thanks to Ateneo <3