May 3, 2011

Someday, I'll roam around the world

  My Top 10 Favorite Places to visit

10. India

I was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. So I put India to my Top 10 favorite places to go. Besides, I want to visit Taj Mahal too, and be a part of the movie slumdog millionare. India for me is a place where you will find Religion at its deepest, where you can meditate as long as you want. India is definitely a place to go

9. Korea

Anyeong Haseyo! Who doesn’t want to meet Lee min ho in person? HAHAHAHAHA. Korea Novelas made my heart melt, made me fall in love in thousands of time because of their kilig factor, then maybe if I’ll go there, I will find love too in the candylicious kind of way while being in your pretty dresses in Autumn.

8. Jerusalem

My mom always wanna go in Jerusalem where the history of Jesus took place, then someday I’ll go with her and visit the places mentioned in the bible. It will also be a time for us to feel Jesus, upon entering to his own City.

7. California

“California Girls are unforgettable” -Katy Perry. Again, who watches Totally Spies? Isn’t it nice to visit Beverly Hills mall too? And be like Clover, Alex and Sam. Whenever I hear the word: California, I was always reminded of: H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D. Then be sexy in the beach with their Golden Sun. California here I comeeee!

6. Vatican City

Hello Roman Catholics? This is where our pope is, and this is where our religion’s heart is, Who doesn’t want to see the historic place? Duhhhhh. I am so going here.

5. Sydney, Australia

I’m Finding Nemo. Yes, there is no place like Sydney. It is a perfect paradise for relaxation and recreation for your precious laughter and smile. I love to visit The Sydney Opera House; it is a place to go.

4. London

They said that the Royals can only be found in Fairytale Books, but in REALITY! You can find Famous Royals in a place called ENGLAND, where their palace is held, and Prince Charming roam around their famous Capital City: LONDON. I mean, London is one of the places where I want to shop (Duh?). If ever you love; Art, London is a place where you’ll sure find everything; we can go to the National Museum, British Museum, The London Eye, Victoria and Albert Museum and even the Historic Westminster Abbey (where the famous writers were buried including the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen). If we are looking for a Fairytale-like city, then we have to go to London. A sure win to my List! Let’s meet Prince Harry or maybe even Harry Potter! Hahaha <3

3. Rome and Verona, Italy

Who wants the most Delicious Pizza? If I am going to tell you the whole History of this place, we might as well bring our Pillows, for another long story! Italy was characterized as the Food Capital of the world, since they've the most delicious Pastas and Pizzas, OH MY GOD! Never forget your Diet. HAHAHAHAHA! But of course never forget to go to the Rome Coliseum, where all the famous wonders are performing Annnnnd the most romantic place ever, where Romeo and Juliet’s Romance started: Verona.

2.  Manhattan, New York

Lemme Give you three reasons WHY I love to go here: Number 1, I want to meet Chuck Bass and the whole Gossip Girl Characters. Number 2, I want to be Blair Waldorf walking in Times Square having phone calls while shopping. Number 3, It is the most Fashionable Elite place in the whole world (In my WORLD, btw) There is nothing compared in the Lights of New York City, the city that never sleeps. Oh God, in such a beautiful City why would you ever wish to go to sleep? Duhhhh. Someday, I’m going there and spend my whole winter being in my Red trench coat, walking in Madison Square Garden. This is a place worthy on my list.

1.  Paris, France

The Fashion Capital of the World. The title itself makes me pack my things and live there FOREVER. France is one of the most Historic Place, in the Catholic Church, since most saints came from France. Besides their Historic Religiosity, we could also find Valuable Historic Wars and Epic, Cavalries, Plague and Revolution. Paris, for me is a place where Artists collide, where Classic Books started and State of the Art Painting begun. So Love me Paris <3 because someday I’ll Hug the Eiffel Tower <3 and I'll make my mark there too, just like any other artists.

Someday, my life would be full of happiness sharing from ones perspective to another by traveling all around the world. Discovering Different Cultures, Romance and Art, from other countries. But the Philippines will always be in my heart.