May 3, 2011

My Summer Debate Workshop

For 2 years of being in Isabelina Debating Circle, I was really Depressed for not being a Good Model to these young Fresh new debaters, I know it sounds really weird, for not being a Good Debater at the end of the 2 years being in a debate team, I really do feel Bad. I wish I was just flying high, but I will never be garnering super skills (I am super Dramatic right now) but it is the truth.

What I learned in IDC will always be a guide, what I've said in front of the Audience when I was in a public speaking finals, will always be the mark of how I feel about this club.

The Club, who made me realized that I can stand up to enemies without stammering and without crying. It made me realized that I am not dumb, I was just sort of shy and reckless. That I should always believe in myself if I am gonna stand there in front of the Adjudicators.

I know that people will never Understand what the F I'm talking about here, but believe me. We could always learn from people's experiences. Now that I am saying this, maybe Insecurity is really a crime. When people tend to be so powerful yet they can't get what they want, they do bad things, When we see pretty things, we get so intimidated that we try our best to feel bad about that person. But My point is Different, How about being so Passionately in love with something , but we never had the chance to show it because we don't have the Talent, the Guts and the Charm to do it? This Lead us to a different complex answer.

But being with the sisterhood that shaped me for who I am today, the one who inspired me to make my Legacy. Will always be that one Happiness.